Susanne Clausen (ed)
Liftarchiv, Revolver Publishing (2007)

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Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey
Ballet by Szuper Gallery
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A futuristic anthropology. Étant Ballet – The Cave is a rock opera performance set in a world askew with attempts and remnants of civilization. It begins with the aftermath of an incident, an explosion. A group of people run ashore an unexpected landscape. Everything is about to happen but nothing seems to have changed. The setting: a crash site, in the wild or in the rush of a blackout.

Ballet is a  publication by Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey, documenting recent performance and installation projects at the Kunstmuseum Thun, MacKenzie Art Gallery Regina, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading as well as Szuper Gallery‘s collaboration with Michele Sereda and Curtain Razors. It contains video and installation stills, performance scripts, a series of paintings by Pavlo Kerestey and essays by Timothy Long, Dorothee Richter and Lars Gertenbach and Susanne Clausen. Edited by Susanne Clausen and designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio.

ONCURATING Books, Zurich, 2014
ISBN 978-3-9524078-1-3

Susanne Clausen,Propositions for Developing a Collaborative Art Space in the Intersection Between Art School and Community, in Maayan Sheleff & Sarah Spies (eds (Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies, pp.89-108,,
ISBN 9798744646660

Reading International,
Susanne Clausen (ed), Oncurating and Reading International, 2020

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Reading International is a contemporary art organisation located within the Reading School of Art at the University of Reading. It was founded and initiated in response to ongoing discussions with artists, academics, students and local arts organisations about how we might establish new models of working in education and to respond to the growing pressures experienced by all participants. At the same time it was an attempt to reflect on the existence of the art school within a regional environment and to explore its possibilities in connecting and engaging with the different rhythms of the local arts community, to interrelate and raise ambitions for its co-existence and future. We wanted to imagine the art school as a public arena, which opens its life beyond the academic community and actively engages with a wider public, involving artists, curators, students and community. What would a model for such a public space look like? What are the challenges? What is at stake in this collaborative effort?

We have invited artists to respond to the specific social and historical framework offered by the art school and the town. We have promoted and commissioned solo exhibitions, group and thematic shows, a programme of events including performances, film screenings, workshops and talks as well as offsite projects and temporary public artworks. Our projects have been hosted and supported by a rich mixture of partners within the town, and we have produced several major projects each year, in which artists and curators were given a platform to make new work. We have established ongoing collaborations with international arts institutions and engaged with a wide range of local community groups, schools and young people.

This publication features texts and projects with and by Abel Auer, Zbynek Baladrán, Željka Blakšić, Patricia L.Boyd, Michael Bracewell, Helen Cammock, Susanne Clausen, Steven Claydon, Kirsten Cooke, Noam Enbar, Marco Godoy, Renée Green, Andrew Hunt, Tali Keren, Mikhail Karikis, Pavlo Kerestey, Scott King, Veit Laurent Kurz, Ghislaine Leung, Yuri Leiderman, Jesper List Thomsen, Alastair Mackinven, Ivan Melnychuk, Method Fund, Jeff Morton, Lada Nakonechna, Novel (Alun Rowlands and Matt Williams), Michal Oppenheim, Rory Pilgrim, Daniil Revkovskiy, Lozana Rossenova, Nir Shauloff, Maayan Sheleff, Sarah Spies, Cally Spooner, Studio For Propositional Cinema, Jack Tan, Mykola Ridnyi, Nina Wakeford, Steven Warwick, Matt Worley, Katarina Zdjelar, Stas Volyazlovsky.

20 x 25 cm, 215 pages, Text in English

Editor: Susanne Clausen
Design: Chris Benfield

Slapping Scenes
in CURATING in feminist thought,, Issue 29, May, 2016

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Le Voyage Sentimental
A Morning Star Folio, Fourth Series, Volume 1
Susanne Clausen and Christian Hilt

Edinburgh: Morning Star, 1993. Limited ed. Paperback. Number 230 of 300 copies. Single sheet folded, with large map in blue on one side. Original postcard from the project is laid-in. Fine. Housed in original envelope. A Morning Star Folio, Fourth Series, Volume 1. Fine. Item

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